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Welcome to the website of Eurologs, the company offering the link between your dream and its realization. As European market leader in the field of cedar homes and other applications, we know better than anyone else what is needed to realize a dream. We started in the same way.

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Customer-friendly and customer satisfaction

Whether its a home, a catering facility, clubhouse or any other application, at all times you expect top quality, affordable prices, warranty, good service and, naturally, a beautiful product that you can be proud of. We take these requirements very seriously, that is why customer-friendliness AND customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to us.

Novelty in timber construction

Since timber construction were already applied since the middle ages, you can wonder whether or not innovation is still possible. But again we come with a novelty: Thermo lam III, a cedar wooden construction element with integrated insulation. By this method, one only needs to build one outside wall in which the insulation is already placed. This way you will reduce the building time of the outside walls with at least 50% and it will also create more space in the inside too. Altogether it reduces costs by saving time and it creates more space. Eurologs loves innovation!

Thermo Lam III

Dutch client wins prestigious price

Our Dutch client BrabantWonen received at 26 February 2013 a prestigious award for the most sustainable company building of Oss! Of course it is also a property to rightfully be proud of!.

Prijswinnend NME-Centrum in Oss

Price winning center in Oss

Start new (recreation)house in Limburg, The Netherlands

Recently Eurologs started the construction of another beautiful recreation house in the south of the Netherlands (Limburg). Eurologs will again deliver this beautiful house in a short while. Below you will see the design and some pictures of the building process.

Ontwerp (recreatie)woning in Limburg

Ontwerp (recreatie)woning in Limburg

start bouw (recreatie)woning

start bouw (recreatie)woning

eerste lagen van de (recreatie)woning gestapeld

eerste lagen van de (recreatie)woning gestapeld

laag tot borsthoogte opgebouwd

laag tot borsthoogte opgebouwd

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Call in Eurologs

Do have a look around on our website, we are confident that we can convince you that Eurologs is the right partner for you. Contact us as soon as possible, so together we can realize your dream. We will make sure you will not regret this.

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