Building a house in Almere

Monday, July 3rd 2011 we started with the building of a cedar wood house, that was designed by our client themselves. By the end of June the containers have arrived from Seattle. The foundation for this was made prior to that. The building can start now.
Foto 1
First, we the starting profiles (the first layer) were constructed on the concrete foundation.

Foto 2

After that, the first layer of cedar wood timber was placed on the starting profiles. After this, we stacking can begin.

Foto 3

After the first layer is ready, stacking is ‘child’s play’.

Foto 4

And so it is good to see how the stack work progresses, so that at the end of the day the walls of the ground floor are already built.

Foto 5

During the day, the first living store, became stacked. Below you will find a number of photographs to indicate how fast our pile construction went.

Foto 6

With the patented construction system is actually ‘child’s play ‘ to build your own house.

Foto 7

And in a few days time, your home is built. The picture below gives a good view of the end of the first day of construction:

Foto 8

This photograph also shows what can be achieved in one day:

Foto 9

The first construction day comes successfully to an end. Tomorrow we can start with the second floor.

Foto 10

After a good night sleep, we’ll start building the next floor.

Foto 11

We have worked hard to get everything in the right place.

Foto 12

And the result may be seen. A nice ceiling/floor on which the two layers above the ground floor can be built.

Foto 13

After finishing the first floor, the second and last floor will be constructed. Of course we will start with the deck as well.

Foto 14

We will start with a sort of plastic layer.

Foto 15

On that plastic layer the deck will be finished. In the mean time, all windows and doors will be placed and the house is getting ready.

Foto 16

The balustrades of the roof terrace are fitted. The house can now be completed.

Foto 17

Foto 18

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