Construction 2nd chalet in Switzerland progresses steadily

End of Spring 2012 is the construction started of a 2nd chalet in Mürren, Switzerland. The construction of this now progresses steadily.

22 juli 2012 bovenkant website formaat

22 juli 2012 zijkant  website formaat

Eurologs also builds in larch

Eurologs has a wonderful project for the municipality of Oss in Siberian Larch produced. It involved the construction of a children’s farm with a barn, an Aviary and a service building.

Kinderboerderij website formaat


Dienstgebouw website formaat


Voliere website formaat
So with us you can also find barns, stables, service buildings and other objects.

Open House at NME successful

Saturday, July 7th, the first Open House at the NME-center and the pat zoo De Elzenhoek in Oss was organized. This day was very successful. All visitors received an extended tour on the premises and were able to view and to admire the beautiful buildings of the complete center. There was enough time to ask one’s own questions and to discuss the plans one has for the future. The weather was lovely and everybody enjoyed themselves.

Bezoekers Open Huisdag

Open House at NME-center in Oss

On Saturday 7 July 2012 we offer you the opportunity to visit the beautiful NME-Centre together with its outbuildings. This center, including the outbuildings, is built in a few months, insulated and finished and is an example of a handsome piece of craftsmanship.

NME-centrum bruine rand website formaat

During this day you can see how this building is finished, among other things, how it is equipped with a so-called green roof and what the transparent paint, which in this case the cedar wood is varnished with, does exactly for the wood. Of course you can also ask all your questions and, while enjoying a snack and a drink, you can orientate and inform yourself for your own projec. Between 10.00-16.00 hours you are welcome on the NME-Centre Oss. The entrance of this building is located right opposite the Da Costa Street in Oss.

Would you be so kind to inform us about your visit please? We would like to welcome you personally on Saturday, July 7th.

Construction of 2nd chalet in Switzerland has started

Last year the first recreation house, consisting of two floors, was already built. Now, in spring time of 2012, the construction of the second vacation house is started. Through this link you are able to see the progress via a webcam.

Dependance NME center built

Besides the beautiful, new cedar wooden NME-center, Eurologs also builds all the dependances. As you can see, the progress of one of the depedances is enormous. The building is first made of a layer of stone, with Russion Larchs wood on top. This makes a very natural building where people can be pride of!

Bijgebouw NME met Lariks website formaat

Living roof for the NME-Center

Here you can see how the new NME centre excellent in its natural environment. The living, green roof ties in well with the new upcoming grass

Het groene dak ligt erop website formaat

Inside of NME-Center being done

In accordance to the planning, the inside is being done of the new NME-Center.

Gipsplaten binnenzijde website formaat

Insulation day very succesfull with volunteers

On Saturday 5 May there was again a successful second ‘Building Day’ organized. Using approximately 30 volunteers of the NME-Centre and six escorts of Eurologs became the largest building of the NME Centre almost completely isolated and the smaller building almost completely isolated. It was really a fun and entertaining day that without the help of all volunteers of the Centre and the children’s farm, never could have been so successful.

isoleren 1 website formaat

isoleren 2 website formaat

isoleren 3 website formaat

Insulation NME-center by volunteers

On Saturday May 5th 2012 the building of the new NME center in Oss will be insulated. This will be done by a group of volunteers under the supervision of Eurologs.
Cedar wood insulates very good by itself, but using insolation material the very high standards in the Netherlands for insolation will be met easily.

The group of volunteers will start around 10 am and will finish around 4.30 pm.

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