Examples of houses already built

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Side buildings Petting Zoo ready

DSC_0165 website formaat

DSC_0170 website formaat

DSC_0175 websiteformaat

Voiliere websiteformaat

DSC_0406 website formaat

DSC_0400 website formaat

DSC_0397 website formaat

DSC_0393 website formaat

DSC_0391 website formaat

Our client wins a prestigious price

Yesterday our Dutch client BrabantWonen received a prestigious award for the most sustainable company building of Oss. Of course it is also a property to rightfully be proud of!


Prijswinnend NME-Centrum in Oss

Prijswinnend NME-Centrum in Oss

Eurologs again designs a beauty

Click here for an animation in 3D:

3D animatie Huize DN

2nd Chalet is ready

Our 2nd chalet in Switzerland was ready by the end of 2012. It is once again a brilliant result. Below you’ll find some photos.

2012-12-6 website formaat

attachment (1) Websiteformaat

attachment Websiteformaat

Construction of (recreation) home goes well

The construction of the a wonderful (recreation) home in Limburg, Netherlands, progresses steadily:

Achterzijde woning website formaat

Zijkant woning website formaat

Restaurant De Lage Kempen opened their doors

Mid this year was the beautiful building De Lage Kempen in Belgium, a restaurant and catering facility, realized. This building has extensive catering facilities on the ground floor. The upper floor has a catering hall and a private area (living room, 3 bedrooms, bathroom and so on). The property is built by the owners themselves, with minimal support by Eurologs. Through the simple construction method the building was realized in a short time.

website klein formaat DSC_0044

website klein formaat DSC_0054

website klein formaat DSC_0042

More progress building vacation home in Switzerland

We already announced it by the end of July: the building of the second recreation home in Mürren Switzerland progressed. Underneath you will find a short impression of this progress from the ‘beginning’ up to now.

vloer 2e chalet in Muerren website formaat

Daklaag erop website formaat

22 juli 2012 zijkant  website formaat

Isolatielaag 1 op dak websiteformaat

isolatielaag 2 op dak website formaat

zijkant verder af website formaat

zijkant nog verder af website formaat

22 juli 2012 bovenkant website formaat

Construction 2nd chalet in Switzerland progresses steadily

End of Spring 2012 is the construction started of a 2nd chalet in Mürren, Switzerland. The construction of this now progresses steadily.

22 juli 2012 bovenkant website formaat

22 juli 2012 zijkant  website formaat

Eurologs also builds in larch

Eurologs has a wonderful project for the municipality of Oss in Siberian Larch produced. It involved the construction of a children’s farm with a barn, an Aviary and a service building.

Kinderboerderij website formaat


Dienstgebouw website formaat


Voliere website formaat
So with us you can also find barns, stables, service buildings and other objects.

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