Restaurant De Lage Kempen opened their doors

Mid this year was the beautiful building De Lage Kempen in Belgium, a restaurant and catering facility, realized. This building has extensive catering facilities on the ground floor. The upper floor has a catering hall and a private area (living room, 3 bedrooms, bathroom and so on). The property is built by the owners themselves, with minimal support by Eurologs. Through the simple construction method the building was realized in a short time.

website klein formaat DSC_0044

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De Lage Kempen almost ready

See here a collage of photos of the finish on both the outside and the inside of the building (restaurant) of de Lage Kempen::

Building in Belgium comes to an end

Our client builds, under the leadership of Eurologs, this catering building themselves. The ground floor is ca. 240 m2; the upper floor ca. 209 m2.

The ground floor is reserved for catering purposes. Above it is the home of our client.

website versie bouw 12 november 2012 222 dak erop

November 2011

website formaat verdiepingsvloer erop

the storey floor of 1st floor can be implemented:

website formaat aanvang begane grond

October 2011, starting ground floor:

website versie foto's camera lage kempen beton en container 004

October 2011, the container with the wood has arrived:

website formaat foto's camera lage kempen beton en container 001

October 2011, the Foundation is placed

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