Our client wins a prestigious price

Yesterday our Dutch client BrabantWonen received a prestigious award for the most sustainable company building of Oss. Of course it is also a property to rightfully be proud of!


Prijswinnend NME-Centrum in Oss

Prijswinnend NME-Centrum in Oss

Eurologs also builds in larch

Eurologs has a wonderful project for the municipality of Oss in Siberian Larch produced. It involved the construction of a children’s farm with a barn, an Aviary and a service building.

Kinderboerderij website formaat


Dienstgebouw website formaat


Voliere website formaat
So with us you can also find barns, stables, service buildings and other objects.

De Lage Kempen almost ready

See here a collage of photos of the finish on both the outside and the inside of the building (restaurant) of de Lage Kempen::

Progress of the construction of the NME-Center

After the contract for the construction of a new NME Center was signed, in the end of 2011, with the actual construction was not started until March 2012. On April 4 was, with a large group of volunteers from the Petting Zoo and the old NME Center, under the leadership of Eurologs, began with the construction of their new center stack.

Below you will find a collage of the claims of this construction, starting from March to week 16. Per week you will find new photos added here.

Center for Nature, Environment and Education

At the end of 2011, Eurologs signed a contract with BrabantWonen, a housing company in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. With this contract the start of a new project has begun. A project where a new, durable and ecological center for Nature, Environment and Education (NEE) is being built. This center will be used by the municipality of Oss, in order to inform the residents of Oss and surrounding area about nature and environment.

An overview of what is being built is found underneath. Besides the NEE-center three other buildings, amongst them is a children’s farm, are being built.

animatie NME website format

The NEE-center will be built in beautiful, durable and ecologically responsible cedar wood.

After the signing of the contract, we started in our factory in Seattle, USA, with tailor making all the wood parts for this NEE center.

Underneath you will find pictures showing loading the first containers for shipment to the Netherlands.

The pile of wood lies ready for transport and can be loaded into the containers any minute now:

Houtstapel ligt klaar voor transport

Laatste metingen aan hout voor transport

1e container lading

Hout wordt ingeladen in container

Volle container op transport

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