De Lage Kempen almost ready

See here a collage of photos of the finish on both the outside and the inside of the building (restaurant) of de Lage Kempen::

Barns/stables for BrabantWonen

In addition to a Natural, Environmental and Education Centre Eurologs builds also various outbuildings for this project. For instance barns/stables.

Bijgebouw NME met Lariks website formaat

Progress of the construction of the NME-Center

After the contract for the construction of a new NME Center was signed, in the end of 2011, with the actual construction was not started until March 2012. On April 4 was, with a large group of volunteers from the Petting Zoo and the old NME Center, under the leadership of Eurologs, began with the construction of their new center stack.

Below you will find a collage of the claims of this construction, starting from March to week 16. Per week you will find new photos added here.

Center for Nature, Environment and Education

At the end of 2011, Eurologs signed a contract with BrabantWonen, a housing company in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. With this contract the start of a new project has begun. A project where a new, durable and ecological center for Nature, Environment and Education (NEE) is being built. This center will be used by the municipality of Oss, in order to inform the residents of Oss and surrounding area about nature and environment.

An overview of what is being built is found underneath. Besides the NEE-center three other buildings, amongst them is a children’s farm, are being built.

animatie NME website format

The NEE-center will be built in beautiful, durable and ecologically responsible cedar wood.

After the signing of the contract, we started in our factory in Seattle, USA, with tailor making all the wood parts for this NEE center.

Underneath you will find pictures showing loading the first containers for shipment to the Netherlands.

The pile of wood lies ready for transport and can be loaded into the containers any minute now:

Houtstapel ligt klaar voor transport

Laatste metingen aan hout voor transport

1e container lading

Hout wordt ingeladen in container

Volle container op transport

Eurologs builts in winter time

Rain or shine, with the construction method and materials of Eurologs, houses are built no matter what the weather conditions are.
See here, despite the extreme winter weather, reaching the highest point of the new building of Holiday park De Lage Kempen in Belgium.

Eurologs vlag in de sneeuw

Cedar wood in Switzerland

Underneath you will find a photo collection of the building process of one of our cedar wooden houses (Chalets) in Switzerland. The pictures are in chronic order, starting with the sketch design first, followed by the building process and ending with the final result:

Huis in Zwitserland

The laying of the Foundation and the storey floor:


The building process progressed rapidly:

Murren foto 1

All sort of transportation was used in order to get the building material high up in the mountains, at the construction site:

Grutsch zonder datum
Luckily the weather was fine, so the building process of the complete outside of the house only took 2 weeks maximum. After that, we could start finishing the inside.

Murren foto 2

Working on the roof:

Murren foto 3

After this, people worked on the inside of the house, and some results were ready to show:


But also on the outside, the walls and roof were finished in order to have a beautiful result:



Foto 1 website versie huis in Muerren januari 2012

The final actions were taken to decorate the interior of the house, to be ready for living and renting. In springtime 2012 a second Chalet will be built for the same family:

foto 4 website versie huis in Muerren januari 2012

The result looks very nice:

foto 2 website versie huis in Muerren januari 2012




foto 3 website versie huis in Muerren januari 2012..


Building in Belgium comes to an end

Our client builds, under the leadership of Eurologs, this catering building themselves. The ground floor is ca. 240 m2; the upper floor ca. 209 m2.

The ground floor is reserved for catering purposes. Above it is the home of our client.

website versie bouw 12 november 2012 222 dak erop

November 2011

website formaat verdiepingsvloer erop

the storey floor of 1st floor can be implemented:

website formaat aanvang begane grond

October 2011, starting ground floor:

website versie foto's camera lage kempen beton en container 004

October 2011, the container with the wood has arrived:

website formaat foto's camera lage kempen beton en container 001

October 2011, the Foundation is placed

Building a house in Almere

Monday, July 3rd 2011 we started with the building of a cedar wood house, that was designed by our client themselves. By the end of June the containers have arrived from Seattle. The foundation for this was made prior to that. The building can start now.
Foto 1
First, we the starting profiles (the first layer) were constructed on the concrete foundation.

Foto 2

After that, the first layer of cedar wood timber was placed on the starting profiles. After this, we stacking can begin.

Foto 3

After the first layer is ready, stacking is ‘child’s play’.

Foto 4

And so it is good to see how the stack work progresses, so that at the end of the day the walls of the ground floor are already built.

Foto 5

During the day, the first living store, became stacked. Below you will find a number of photographs to indicate how fast our pile construction went.

Foto 6

With the patented construction system is actually ‘child’s play ‘ to build your own house.

Foto 7

And in a few days time, your home is built. The picture below gives a good view of the end of the first day of construction:

Foto 8

This photograph also shows what can be achieved in one day:

Foto 9

The first construction day comes successfully to an end. Tomorrow we can start with the second floor.

Foto 10

After a good night sleep, we’ll start building the next floor.

Foto 11

We have worked hard to get everything in the right place.

Foto 12

And the result may be seen. A nice ceiling/floor on which the two layers above the ground floor can be built.

Foto 13

After finishing the first floor, the second and last floor will be constructed. Of course we will start with the deck as well.

Foto 14

We will start with a sort of plastic layer.

Foto 15

On that plastic layer the deck will be finished. In the mean time, all windows and doors will be placed and the house is getting ready.

Foto 16

The balustrades of the roof terrace are fitted. The house can now be completed.

Foto 17

Foto 18

Cedar in Switzerland

Our American supplier builds a second home for a customer in a town called Mürren in Switzerland. In this wonderful, natural surrounding in the Swiss mountains, a cedar house perfectly fits in. Actually, it matches very well! And the cedar doesn’t need any maintenance.

Huis in Zwitserland

So, although the warm, sunny summers, and the severe snowy winters, this house will probably be one to go from one generation to the next.

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