Cedar wood in Switzerland

Underneath you will find a photo collection of the building process of one of our cedar wooden houses (Chalets) in Switzerland. The pictures are in chronic order, starting with the sketch design first, followed by the building process and ending with the final result:

Huis in Zwitserland

The laying of the Foundation and the storey floor:


The building process progressed rapidly:

Murren foto 1

All sort of transportation was used in order to get the building material high up in the mountains, at the construction site:

Grutsch zonder datum
Luckily the weather was fine, so the building process of the complete outside of the house only took 2 weeks maximum. After that, we could start finishing the inside.

Murren foto 2

Working on the roof:

Murren foto 3

After this, people worked on the inside of the house, and some results were ready to show:


But also on the outside, the walls and roof were finished in order to have a beautiful result:



Foto 1 website versie huis in Muerren januari 2012

The final actions were taken to decorate the interior of the house, to be ready for living and renting. In springtime 2012 a second Chalet will be built for the same family:

foto 4 website versie huis in Muerren januari 2012

The result looks very nice:

foto 2 website versie huis in Muerren januari 2012




foto 3 website versie huis in Muerren januari 2012..


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