Ask yourself the following questions, before selecting a supplier:

  1. How extensive is your building kit?

    The only method to properly compare values, is to look at what is included in the price. What are the possible hidden costs that have not been included in your tender.

  2. Are the timber parts laminated or solid?

    At Eurologs we work with laminated timber parts. These are better able to resist warping, bending or tearing than solid timber parts or logs.

  3. What type of warranty can I expect?

    You will know a lot about a company, if you look at how they represent their products. And how customer-friendly they are, after the sale. At Eurologs we offer a limited 30 year warranty for each home or application we sell.

  4. How simple will it be to build your house?

    The last thing you want for yourself or your contractor, is a house that is very difficult to build. That is why homes by Eurologs have been provided with a simple building system. As a result, the building process is less labour intensive, which means that you will build faster and save costs on labour.

  5. What service and support will I get from the supplier?

    Whether it is about obtaining finance or preparing your construction drawing, at all times you want a supplier who is able to turn his hand to anything, in order to make your life as easy as possible.

  6. How many design options do I have?

    It is important to select a supplier who adapts those construction drawings to your lifestyle. The best suppliers offer standard construction drawings as well as the option to make customized construction drawings, according to your requirements.

  7. Is this type of construction suitable for the climate in which I live?

    If you are living in the tropics, you will not need a house that is built for the weather circumstances in Alaska. Therefore, look for a supplier with a suitable solution for your living environment.

  8. How long has the supplier been active?

    It is important to work with a supplier who has been active on the market for a long time. IHC, of which Eurologs is the European representative, has been producing (self built) timber homes since 1966. This means that we have a huge customer file with very satisfied customers who support our claims.

After answering these question, you will see that Eurologs is the perfect choice to realize your dreams.

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