Eurologs Houtbouw delivers a solar installation

Eurologs Houtbouw delivered and mounted a solar installation for the NME Centre ‘De Elzenhoek’ in Oss/The Netherlands. At the solar installation there is also a monitor, so that all visitors of NME-Centre and Petting Zoo De Elzenhoek easily can see what this installation produces.

DSC_0417 website formaat

On the screen is to see what the total power is, what the energy generated by that day is, what the generated power since the commissioning of the plant is and what the avoided CO2 emission is. So it appears that the NME-Center has become even more sustainable than they already were.
DSC_0389 website formaat

Press here to view a video on our FaceBook page, in which you can see the actual energy being generated..

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