Open House at NME-center in Oss

On Saturday 7 July 2012 we offer you the opportunity to visit the beautiful NME-Centre together with its outbuildings. This center, including the outbuildings, is built in a few months, insulated and finished and is an example of a handsome piece of craftsmanship.

NME-centrum bruine rand website formaat

During this day you can see how this building is finished, among other things, how it is equipped with a so-called green roof and what the transparent paint, which in this case the cedar wood is varnished with, does exactly for the wood. Of course you can also ask all your questions and, while enjoying a snack and a drink, you can orientate and inform yourself for your own projec. Between 10.00-16.00 hours you are welcome on the NME-Centre Oss. The entrance of this building is located right opposite the Da Costa Street in Oss.

Would you be so kind to inform us about your visit please? We would like to welcome you personally on Saturday, July 7th.

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