Privacy Statement

At Eurologs BV, the interest of the customer – your interest – always comes first. This means that we offer services, products AND solutions that are valuable to you and are in keeping with your situation. Based on integrity and mutual respect.

Integrity and respect: conditions for the activities of Eurologs BV

1. Eurologs BV is bound to the Personal Data Protection Act

2. The personal data supplied by you, will be used by Eurologs BV in order to offer you the best possible advice concerning its products and services. Your personal data are available to all divisions of Eurologs BV, so that it is possible, at all times, to give recommendations or provide services that are as balanced and uniform as possible. Whereby the internal and legal rules for the exchange of personal data shall continue to apply in full. If you do not wish to receive information on services or products, you can indicate this at the division of Eurologs BV of which you are customer.

3. When processing your personal data, Eurologs will proceed with the utmost care. It will only use those data that it needs to provide an optimum service. Insofar as it is not provided by law or derived from obligations that Eurologs BV has entered into towards you, no personal data shall be provided to third parties without your permission.

4. You will be able to ask the division of Eurologs BV of which you are client, which data of you it processes and, in case of possible inaccuracies, to have them corrected. An overview of all your data can be requested in writing at the division of Eurologs BV of which you are client.

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