From modern to classic


Are you considering to renovate your hotel? Or are you planning to build a new hotel? In both cases, you will get value for your money. Should your hotel have a classic, warm appearance? Or are you looking for an austere, modern look? Cedar offers many possibilities and will certainly not disappoint you. The warm, austere appearance of this type of timber is easily combined with both modern and classic.

Program of requirements

Of course, there is a lot to deal with, before a hotel is renovated or built. This whole process is started by drawing a sketch, calculating constructions, requesting building permits, etc. We can manage this process for you or we can work in close cooperation with your own architect or contractor. Our craftsmanship provides perfection and eye for detail, without losing sight of the bigger perspective. Our knowledge of all possibilities and applications of modern timber construction is unique and, if required, we can help you set up your program of requirements.


You would probably expect to pay a considerable price for our professionalism, our service and our product. Allow us to surprise you. Not only with our knowledge, customer friendliness, service, magnificent homes or projects, but also with the fact that our cedar applications are very affordable. Particularly in these days, now that the dollar exchange rate is so low, you are sure to benefit from this. Therefore, please contact us, without any obligations, so together we can see how we can realize your wishes and requirements.



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